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Hulopo`e Beach

Hulopo`e Beach

Hulopo`e Beach is an exquisite white sand beach sitting on a large bay that offers some of the best snorkeling anywhere — lots of tropical fish swimming among the lava rock outcroppings. Once snorkeling here, I saw a small school of four fish that I had never seen before — not in the ocean, not in an aquarium, not on a Discovery Channel program. They were all white, shaped like an angel fish with long streamers coming off their fins. When they changed direction, the streamers were so long, it look a while for them to make the turn too. I followed them for a while then, in an instant, they were gone. I have never seen them again.

Sometimes dolphins can be seen jumping in the bay — and occasionally, during the winter months, a humpback whale may venture in, causing quite a stir among locals and tourists alike.

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