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Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods, also known as Keahikawelo, is a unique spot is located on a dirt road beyond the old pineapple fields. It has little vegetation but many rocks strewn about on multicolored soil. There are multiple legends about the origin of this garden. One is that the rocks were dropped here by the Gods as they tended their gardens. Another legend says that the Gods enjoyed creating art and this spot is where they made their favorite sculptures and richly hued ground.

A third legend is that two kahunas (priests) — one from Lana`i and another from Moloka`i — were challenged to keep a fire burning on their respective island longer than the other. The winner's island would be rewarded with great abundance. The kahuna from Lana`i used every scrap of vegetation in this area in an attempt to keep his fire burning longer — thus the lack of vegetation. I suspect he lost. Still another legend claims that these rocks house the spirits of ancient Hawai`ian warriors.

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