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Scheels All Sports, Part 5

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From level 2, one can get a great view of the Ferris Wheel. The sign for tickets said they cost only one dollar — not bad. I decided to save my dollar for a time when it wasn't so crowded.

I entered the hunting section and was surprised to see the trophy heads hanging on the wall. This, of course, is the head of an American Buffalo, AKA "Bison". PBS recently broadcast a short two-part documentary on the Buffalo from Ken Burns. Catch it if you can.

Here are some antelope-type animals from Africa — (from left to right) Gemsbok, Kudu, Waterbuck, Nyala, and Impala.

I love the hippo from so many African documentaries that I have watched on PBS.

This diorama shows a mountain lion chasing a big horn sheep. Pretty cool.

This section of the wall featured deer and elk. Magnificent animals.

If you are a hunter (I am not), you need the big guns to go after big game. Here are some premium rifles from which to choose.

And, of course, you must go hunting in proper attire — so the target animals won't spot you before you spot them.

For smaller game, self-defense, and target shooting, you can pick up one of these pistols. Since I am not into guns, I was surprised that the posted prices went as high as $1,000+.

I loved this small artificial mountain teaming with wildlife. Note that you must pay attention since you never know when a bear might come out of its cave.

If you are going after wildlife in the wilderness, you might need to go in and come out by floatplane. This one's prop was not spinning — I hope that doesn't happen on your wilderness trip.

A second artificial mountain stands nearby and I had to check it out — no bears that I recall.

Near the exit on the parking lot side, there is a huge, three-column saltwater aquarium. Saltwater fish tend to be more colorful than freshwater fish — and the simulated coral makes it a must-see experience.

This closeup photo of one section of that giant aquarium is a great way to end our visit to Scheels. If you go, be sure to check out the aquarium — it is fabulous.

Life is good.

B. David

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