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Scheels All Sports, Part 3

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Continuing to explore this massive store, I turned the corner and encountered a wall of footballs. I know that each organized league has specifications for the footballs used in their games — NFL, NCAA, high school, and maybe a few others — but this looks like a mountain of different footballs. WOW!!!

And we cannot forget baseball since Major League Baseball is still playing its post-season tournament, finishing in a few weeks with the World Series. Our local team, the Diamondbacks, is playing in the National League Championship Series against the Phillies. My guess is that if they need a new glove or bat, they could stop by Scheels anytime.

Further, we must not forget that the National Hockey League just started its new season. I would have never guessed there are so many models of ice hockey skates — so I was quite surprised to see this display. The prices also surprised me — for example, the top right skate cost $299.99 — I assume that is for the pair. You would almost have to be a pro to afford that.

Next was an area that surprised me — among all these sporting goods was a Christmas display that was not sports-related at all — as far as I could tell. However, it was quite well done and I enjoyed it.

And they did such a nice job with the Christmas tree — it's beautiful. Kudos to Scheels!

They even had a small area filled with knick-knack-type items — perfect if you were shopping for someone who does not participate in sporting activities and does not enjoy watching them. I assume we all know someone like that.

Ah, so cool — pool, American Legend Arcade Speedball Roll and Score Game, Foosball, and all the accessories. Who wouldn’t enjoy getting one of these games for Christmas?

Now this brings back memories. When I was a teenager, we had a table tennis table (no, it is not called ping pong if you are any good at it) in our basement. And I played often enough that I became a decent player. I haven't played in years so I would have to practice a bit to get back into playing shape but I have nowhere to put one anyway. Bummer.

And what TV pub did not have a darts board? I noticed that many of these now have electronic scoring. My memory is that back in the Stone Age we had to use our brains to keep score.

Skateboards without motors seem to be in decline. I tried one only once many years ago and found I had no aptitude for it. Bicycle? Fine. Skateboard? Disaster waiting to happen.

And remember when these were called Frisbees? Now it's just the more generic "disks". And you'll notice the labels on the racks such as "DRIVER", "MID-RANGE", and "PUTTER". That's because these are tailored specifically for a new game called "Frisbee Golf" or "Disk Golf".

These chain-covered structures are the "holes" in Disk Golf. Hit the chains with the disk and hopefully it will be snagged and you score the number of throws it took you to get there. If you have never seen this game played, just go to YouTube and search for "Disk Golf Shots" — and prepare to be amazed. I did a quick Google search and there are Disk Golf courses in my area — probably in yours, too.

Have you ever seen a rainbow of Clogs? Well, now you have. Whether you are a fan of the brand or not, the display is award-winning in my mind.

Well, gotta run and start assembling next week's "Life After HP". I hope you enjoyed this one.

To be continued...

Life is good.

B. David

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