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Carthaginian Sepia

The Carthaginian was a sailing ship which was built in 1920 in Germany as a two-master some 30 metres long. It was later converted to diesel power and used to transport cement until decommissioned in 1970.

Next the ship was obtained by the Lahaina Restoration Foundation, brought to Maui and restored to the configuration of a whaling supply ship of the 1800s. Once restored, it was moored at this spot in Lahaina and opened for tours as a floating whaling museum.

Time took its toll and the vessel became too expensive to maintain so it was sold to Atlantis Submarines and in 2005 was sunk in about 100 feet of water offshore where it rests today serving as a dive destination.

Photographer's note: This is more than just a sepia-toned version of a modern photograph. I have worked diligently to remove any traces of contemporary civilization — by eliminating cars, power lines, newer buildings, etc. The goal was to craft a photo that would be very similar to one taken more than 100 years ago. I love the look and I hope you do too.

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