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Hulihe`e Palace Sepia

Hulihe`e Palace, located in Kailua-Kona, was built in 1838 by John Adams Kuakini, the second Governor of the Island of Hawai`i. It was later bequeathed to a member of Hawai`i's royal family and became one of their favorite retreats. Eventually, it was acquired by the Territory of Hawai`i and is now operated by the Daughters of Hawai`i and is open to the public for tours. Most of the furnishings were originally in the Palace during the Monarchy.

The Palace suffered major damage during the earthquake in 2006 but remains structurally sound. Full restoration was completed in October 2009, however the Daughters of Hawai`i would welcome donations to help pay for the work. if you would like to contribute, please link to their website by clicking here or contact them by phone at (808) 595-6291.

Photographer's note: This is more than just a sepia-toned version of a modern photograph. I have worked diligently to remove any traces of contemporary civilization — by eliminating cars, power lines, newer buildings, etc. The goal was to craft a photo that would be very similar to one taken more than 100 years ago. I love the look and I hope you do too.

Note: Fifty percent of the purchase price of this photo will be donated to the Daughters of Hawai`i.

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