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Aloha Tower Sepia

Aloha Tower is located at Pier 9 of Honolulu Harbor and has been a welcoming landmark for ships ever since 1926. Of course at that time and for many years thereafter, tourists arrived by ship — so Aloha Tower was the first landmark they would encounter — day or night, since it also serves as a lighthouse. As tourist traffic shifted to airplanes, the landmark become less important — and thus a museum and shops were added to keep the area vibrant.

Photographer's note: This is more than just a sepia-toned version of a modern photograph. I have worked diligently to remove any traces of contemporary civilization — by eliminating cars, power lines, newer buildings, etc. The goal was to craft a photo that would be very similar to one taken more than 100 years ago. I love the look and I hope you do too.

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