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Phallic Rock

Phallic Rock

Ka Ule O Nanahoa, also known as the Phallic Rock, is a fertility site not far from the Kalaupapa overlook. According to Hawaiian legends, the fertility god, Nanahoa, lived nearby. One day his wife, Kawahuna, caught him admiring a young girl who was staring at her reflection in a pool of water. The wife was outraged and attacked the girl. Nanahoa was equally outraged and struck his wife — she rolled down the cliff and turned into stone. Nanahoa then also turned into stone. The Phallic Rock is Nanahoa — or at least one part of Nanahoa.

In Hawaiian tradition, a woman who wanted to conceive would come to this spot and present offerings to the rock (Ka Ule O Nanahoa) as well as praying for fertility. Further, she would spend the night here and return home pregnant.

One reference I read said that the forest was planted only a few decades ago. Previously, the hilltop was without tall vegetation and the rock could be seen for miles. Further, there is a companion stone a short distance down the hill which is Nanahoa's wife, Kawahuna. And the legend is that as long as the female stone remains nearby, Nanahoa will remain erect.

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