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Mo`oulua Waterfall

Mo`oulua Waterfall

Mo`oulua is the idyllic Hawai`ian waterfall located at the head of Halawa Valley — a lush valley settled by ancient Hawai`ians and occupied for many years. Tidal waves in the mid-1900s coaxed some residents to relocate and ranch jobs attracted others. However, some folks are now attempting to reestablish the old Hawai`ian lifestyle with traditional agriculture — including taro, bananas and papaya — plus fish and other seafood from the nearby ocean.

It is a bit of a hike to this location but well worth the effort. Note that the trails cross private land and that the large number of heiaus make this area one of the island's most sacred locations. Therefore, if you want to take the hike please respect the residents and obtain permission. One source is a local resident, Joshua, who can be reached via email at halawahike@gmail.com.

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