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Dis N Dat Shop

Dis N Dat Shop

Lana`i City is a very small town where every passing car offers a friendly wave of the hand. Located in this enchanting environment, the Dis N Dat Shop is a jewel of a shop with an eclectic mix of jewelry, knickknacks, wind chimes, Christmas ornaments, etc. The owners are very friendly — quite willing to help you find a treasured gift or just "talk story".

A surprise awaits you parked on the lawn outside the Dis N Dat Shop — a Nash Metropolitan. This car dates back to my youth in the late fifties and early sixties — a two-seater economy car. It does not surprise me to see such "antique" cars in Arizona because our low humidity helps preserve products made of steel. But it does surprise me to see one anywhere in Hawai`i because of the humidity and salt air — which causes cancer in cars.

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