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Scheels All Sports, Part 4

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Turn the corner at Scheels and there are racks of t-shirts, jackets, and jerseys for our local NFL team, the Arizona Cardinals.

The NBA season is just beginning so the Suns' paraphernalia gets displayed on the end cap as well.

And since we live in a state where almost everyone came from somewhere else, there is plenty of apparel from other places too.

Locally, there has been a resurgence of kids on scooters — which seem to be more popular now than skateboards. Some of the scooters are even battery powered so the rider does not have to exert any effort to get where he or she is going.

Of course, Scheels has bikes, bikes, and more bikes. And of all sizes.

They even have some of the battery-powered models which, like the scooters, will get you there with little or no effort. A friend (closer to my age) got one recently that provides a boost so you can ride the desert trails in South Mountain Park (next to the community I live in — you may recall recent photos that I shared) without getting exhausted in the first fifteen minutes.

Looking at this mini-bike you can probably guess it is powered by a battery. Then notice the price — $1,295.00. We got some rich kids living here.

Even though Arizona is thought of as a desert, we do have ski resorts, mostly up in the northern parts of the state but also one down in the Tucson area. Get your skis and head out for fun on the slopes.

An alternative to skiing is snowboarding. These seem to be easier to do tricks with. Although be careful — a friend at my gym was skiing when he was run into by a careless snowboarder and ended up with a broken collarbone. After surgery, a sling, and simple exercises, he can finally get back in the lap pool and do what he loves best — swimming laps.

If you are heading for some of the cooler spots around, you can also outfit your kids (or grandkids) with some cool shirts, jackets, pants, and even shorts.

Hey, I think we are in the Hawai’i zone. Your keiki will be ready to visit your favorite island.

And we cannot forget your feet with many styles featuring these UGGs which are on prominent display. They look comfortable but, I confess, I have never tried on a pair. I'm sure someone will let me know their experience with them.

To be continued...

Life is good.

B. David

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