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1983 - Vacation on Maui, Part 6

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As you may recall, I mentioned that my dad raised orchids as a hobby when he retired and was quite talented in that endeavor. On this, my first visit to the Maui County Fair, I was delighted to visit the Orchid Show, my first such show anywhere — I guess some of his enthusiasm for orchids rubbed off on me.

Next, we see an exhibit by someone who chose to show a variety of orchid species. I love it.

One of the varieties in the previous photo is, I think, a Cattleya. Many of these plants have delightful fragrances and can be irresistible. Cattleyas come in many sizes, shapes, and colors on both big and small plants but can be recognized by their generally symmetrical flowers.

Not sure — perhaps another Cattleya? As you can tell, I am not an expert on orchids — any corrections are welcome.

These are Epidendrums — I cheated by reading the card with the exhibit. I have since learned to take a photo of the label — so useful if you plan to share your images.

Another lovely spray of orchids — could be Epidendrums too — just not sure.

These appear to be a variety of Vanda orchids — lovely.

To my eye, another batch of beautiful Cattleya.

This exhibit was stunning — I have never seen an orchid plant with so many blossoms. In subsequent years, I looked for it or its successor but never saw one anywhere that compared. A Cattleya, perhaps.

And here we have a display of head leis being made by ladies seated around the table.

This young woman appears to have bought a head lei or was given one. She is so cute wearing it --- and looks so happy.

Also in the exhibit hall, there was a selection of Hawaiian quilts. This one appears to be a royal pattern.

And last but not least is a beautiful traditional Hawaiian quilt — often four-way symmetrical using stylized images of local plants — the leaves and flowers. To me, this looks like an African Tulip — I wish I had found an identification card.

Well, this marks the end of my first visit to the Maui County Fair — the first of many. I do apologize for the quality of my photos. My Minolta SLR using Kodachrome 64 film did not do it justice — which is why I have previously shared photos of more recent visits with better lighting and photographic equipment. Also, in more recent years, the Fair has been held in a different location and the building with the orchids has much better lighting for photography.

But remember that you can always visit the Maui County Fair in person — it is a delightful experience. I understand that the 2022 Maui Fair has been canceled — again due to COVID. Cross your fingers and hope that the tradition can resume next year — it's a great one. Remember that it is traditionally held early in October — but do check well in advance if you are planning your visit.

Life is good.

B. David

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