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1983 - Vacation on Maui, Part 4

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One of my favorite things to do on Maui is to attend the Maui County Fair (now called "The Maui Fair") which is held early in October every year (although it was canceled in 2021 due to COVID). The 1983 Fair was the first one I attended and it, like all recent Maui County Fairs starts with a parade. In 1983, the Fair was held at the old fairgrounds in Wailuku and the parade started at Maui Community College (now called "University of Hawaii Maui College") and followed local streets to the old fairgrounds.

I found a good spot where I could be a bit above the crowd to enjoy and photograph the parade — which began with a contingent of National Guardsmen carrying the flags.

Next up was an ROTC band.

Here we see then Hawai’i Governor George Ariyoshi.

Hawai’i became a state in 1956 — thus 1984 would be the 25th anniversary of statehood. I was fortunate to be there as the year-long celebration was just beginning. This float was that beginning — for me anyway.

And what would any parade be without beauty queens — as you can read, 1983 Miss Maui and her court.

Next up was the crew from the radio station KNUI. If I recall correctly, they were then broadcasting popular Hawaiian music from a station in Kahului/Wailuku. They are still on the air but carrying country music these days.

I can't read the sign for this "float" but these cuties look like some type of dance troop or cheerleaders.

Maybe that previous group is the junior varsity for this group. I am sure their parents were so proud.

And for the kids, a puppet troop — they certainly resemble The Muppets.

This float features kids who I presume were performing the musical "Grease".

Next up is a float labeled "Kaahumanu" which I believe refers to the private school located in upcountry Maui.

Last but certainly not least is a whale that is urging everyone to "Save the Humans". I'll second that.

To be continued...

Life is good.

B. David

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