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Chihuly in the Desert, Part 1

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Back in December, the news was announced that Chihuly was coming to the Desert. To be precise, Dale Chihuly's glass artwork was going to be displayed again in the Desert Botanical Garden from December 3, 2021 to June 19, 2022. This will be his third exhibition (2009, 2014, and now 2020-21). The displays have always been fantastic.

You may recall this piece, Desert Towers. from previous LAHP issues — and that donors provided the funds to purchase the work and make it a permanent fixture at the entrance to the Gardens. It is still as beautiful as ever.

This piece is called Fiori Boat, 2018. This is similar to one exhibited in a small pond at a previous show. I love the mixture of shapes, sizes, and colors — a great way to welcome guests to the Garden.

I liked it so much, I had to take a photo from a different position — it looks just as nice from that angle.

This piece is called Blue Birch Reeds and Scorpion Tails, 2021. The shapes of the glass pieces will be repeated as you will see when we get further along the walking trail.

We have seen similar glass shapes previously but the first time in these colors. It is appropriately named Opal & Amber Tower, 2018. I love the plants at the base and in the background as well as the hill in the far background. They did a great job of picking this location.

The shapes of the Lime and Lava Red Tower, 2021 are similar to the tower in the previous photo but the colors make it a completely different visual experience.

Under a shade cover, from this angle, Paint Brushes, 2021, take downstage (and if you look carefully) upstage positions among a variety of cactus species.

There were six or eight of these abstract neon light fixtures distributed in this area. To be honest, these are fairly plain fixtures in the daytime — but I can't wait until my evening visit in a week or two — I'll bet they are spectacular then.

This is something new — at least I never noticed it before and the docents were pointing it out to everyone. Chihuly glasswork indoors. I knew that Dale Chihuly crafted glass pieces for sale and display in homes and businesses but this is the first time I have seen it in person. I love the way they have directed the light onto the pieces makes each look like it is self-illuminated.

In addition, Dale Chihuly has been experimenting with paintings as a way to conceive new shapes, colors, and patterns for his glasswork.

This piece was quite unusual. Once I did my Photoshop magic on it, it made me think of a slaughterhouse. Maybe this is not the piece for me to buy. 😄

This table contained a number of glass sculptures in different shades. I especially like the blue one in the left foreground.

To be continued...

Life is good.

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