Hello Friends and Family,

2021 Fireworks

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Periodically, the Arizona Grand Resort will put on a fireworks display. Sometimes it coincides with a holiday, like July 4th, sometimes we can't figure out what the event is (perhaps a conference).

For the residents at the Pointe South Mountain, it is a perfect opportunity to see a fabulous fireworks display, up close and personal. I can even enjoy them from the balcony outside my bedroom. I have been waiting for an announcement in order for me to try to capture some photos.

The biggest challenge is knowing when the displays are scheduled. Sometimes they tell us, often they don't. In early December, an email was distributed so that pet owners would know in advance so they could comfort their pets who often are traumatized by the loud booms of the rockets.

I am still learning how to capture good fireworks photos. With more practice, I hope to improve on the results. Enjoy these shots. Not much else to say.

The big finale!!!

Life is good.

B. David

P. S., All photos and text © B. David Cathell Photography, Inc. — www.bdavidcathell.com