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2021 - Biosphere 2, Part 2

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Continuing our tour inside Biosphere 2, we encountered an area used for growing crops (perhaps some kind of squash, pumpkin, or gourd) and flowers (which also helped provide oxygen for the Biosphereans). The growing area was probably neater when the crew members were sealed inside — something to do.

Next up was the desert area — complete with a saguaro cactus. It made us feel right at home.

These boulders guarded access to an underground area — probably, things like plumbing and air ducts — the utilitarian stuff that helped keep the inside habitable.

Here we see large trees in the rainforest area. These trees provided a major source of oxygen. And they are also cool to look at.

Except for the fact that you can see the exoskeleton of Biosphere 2, you might feel that you are walking on a wooded hillside. Very nice.

And every so often we encountered a lovely flowering plant. I suspect these boosted the morale of the Biosphereans when they saw them.

This is the ocean area complete with wave action. When the Biosphere was first completed, coral was added to the ocean so the scientists could study how climate impacts it. Similar studies continue today.

Here you can see one of the experiments. Unfortunately, there was no one to ask the purpose of this experiment — it appears we have to use our imaginations.

I love this view of the tropical rainforest. It makes me think of Raiders of the Lost Ark or movies with similar settings.

Eventually, we rejoined the natural environment but encountered the left lung — you'll recall, there are two lungs that stabilize the air pressure inside Biosphere 2. A photo of the right lung was in last week's "Life After HP".

These buildings contain the equipment to monitor and control the utilities connected to Biosphere 2. There was not a tour of these buildings — maybe they were afraid we would touch the wrong button or lever.

Our tour ended here with a distant view of the administrative building and conference center. We walked over there but found little of interest. However, the overall tour was quite interesting and I recommend it to anyone who has not yet visited Biosphere 2.

Life is good.

B. David

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