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1980 Florida and Florida Keys

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First, I'd like to thank everyone who inquired about my health and sent me best wishes during my bout with COVID. Even though I was fully vaccinated, the breakthrough infection knocked me for a loop. I am nearly back to normal so in celebration, let's visit Florida again.

After living in Lauderhill for many years, Mom and Dad eventually moved a bit north to the Palm Beach area. For a long time, our dad was a gardener at heart — the larger lot at the new house gave him plenty of opportunities to practice his advocation. He began cultivating orchids and built this orchid shed to protect them from the hot Florida sun.

And here is one of his babies — he really did have a knack for it.

Their entire lot was nicely landscaped. I always enjoyed touring the grounds.

Out in the yard, I found my baby sister, Lisa — always flashing that cute smile of hers. Some things never change.

On this visit, almost the entire family went south to the Florida Keys. My parents had purchased a camper and arranged to keep it stored at a campground where, on short notice, they could bring it out of storage and hook it up to the facilities at a designated campsite. Because there were so many of us, they arranged to borrow another couple's camper (stored at the same campground) — so we all had a place to stay.

One of the permanent residents came over to welcome us to the Keys.

You may remember my sister Connie, the second born in our family of four kids (I'm the oldest). She was living in Florida at the time which made it convenient for her to join the family reunion (only missing middle sister, Janie).

And this is Todd, Connie's son. Of course, as I have mentioned when describing his photos before, he looks a bit older now — with a healthy beard and full head of hair sprinkled liberally with gray. And today, I learned that he is going to be a grandfather.

Ah, Lisa again. Yes, she does look like a Florida girl — don't you agree?

And Mom. This last Friday marks the 22nd anniversary of her passing. We miss you dearly, mom.

And Dad. Just looking at this picture, you know that he was made for Florida, and Florida was made for him.

And last for today — even though the campground is right on the ocean, they have a pool for the guests to enjoy. Whenever I think of this lovely oceanside retreat, I remember the one sign on the equipment shed in the background which reads something like this — "There's no P in our OOL — Let's keep it that way."

Life is good.

B. David

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