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1978 - Taiwanese Dance Performance in Los Gatos, CA

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Back home again in Los Gatos, CA, I saw a notice that a Chinese Dance Troupe from Taiwan was going to perform at Old Town. You may recall from a previous LAHP, that this is a former school remodeled into a kind of boutique shopping center. Here you can see that the dance troupe is still in their traveling clothes before changing into their performance outfits.

A good-sized crowd of spectators gathered as the young women began the performance in their gorgeous traditional costumes.

There really isn't much I can offer in the form of commentary. They performed beautiful traditional dances from their native island, just off the coast of mainland China. I just watched, listened, and snapped the occasional photo. So I'll be quiet and let you enjoy the pictures of the dancers.

There was a brief intermission when the performers posed for photos. Yay!

Once the performance was complete, the dancers did mix with the audience. I tried the only Chinese I knew — "nee-how-mah?" — when means "how are you?" It brought big smiles and many polite bows — although very little English in response. 😎

At the very end of the performance, they brought out their younger performers for a musical serenade. The kids were very cute and quite good musicians as well.

All in all, it was a delightful performance.

Life is good.

B. David

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