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1977 - Florida Christmas, Part 2

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So cute — Grandma and Grandchild #2 (Lauren) sharing a bit of Christmas cheer. I wonder what was in that cup.

And here's your's truly carrying Lauren into her home. I'm not sure if she was really keen on this stranger with the beard — but at least, she's not crying. Yet.

Out in the back yard, where the sun shone brightly, Connie, my oldest sister (but two years younger than me) gave me a big smile for a nice portrait. BTW, she was Miss Lauderhill 1964. Beautiful then, beautiful now.

Inside the house, her son, Todd (Grandchild #1), was opening one of his Christmas gifts. The passage of time has given him wonderful maturity — including a gray beard and a flock of kids.

Here we see a beautiful shot of Janie (middle sister) and Lisa (baby sister). There is certainly a family similarity between them — so much so that some family friends could not tell them apart — although I never had that problem.

Lisa certainly matured into a beautiful young woman, I always think back to that tiny infant that I first saw in a bassinet when she and mom came home from the hospital where Lisa was born. I was 14, so obviously, she was my baby sister. Still is. Always will be.

Someone else grabbed the camera and captured my mom and me chatting — probably about how great that we all could get together for another Christmas. As families grow up, it becomes much more difficult to schedule such times together — but you take what time you can — and hold on to the memories of times past. And that is one reason we take the photos.

Next, we see my mom and Connie as my sister is telling a story of some sort. Yes, she is one of those folks who talks with her hands — obviously, one of those folks who cannot talk if you tie their hands behind their back. Just joking, Connie.

Again, my mom and Connie now conversing with Lisa and Danny (Janie's husband). Danny is ex-Navy, who later worked for and became co-owner of a commercial sign company — building, installing, and maintaining those signs we all see outside stores and other businesses. He and I have become great friends over the years, more like brothers than brothers-in-law.

Here we see Danny and my dad enjoying the discussions. When my dad first met Danny, I think he was a bit skeptical that this was the right guy for his middle daughter. I think Dad was just being a bit overprotective but Danny won him over with his great personality and ability to do just about anything around the house — together with his obvious love for Janie.

Another backyard photo — this one of my baby sister, Lisa. The background looks like a jungle — but that is so typical of backyards in Florida.

Back inside, we see Mom's two Siamese cats, Ling and T-Ang. They did not seem to want to be part of the goings-on — so they just kept to themselves while the humans talked. And such was Christmas 1977.

To be continued...

Life is good.

B. David

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