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1977 - Florida Christmas, Part 1

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In 1977, my family got together to celebrate Christmas in much the way we had over the years before we kids started leaving home — me first. Here we see the Cathell homestead located in Lauderhill, a separate small city next to the larger Fort Lauderdale (yep, "Where the Boys Are"). The traditional Christmas decorations were up, including electric candles in each window — at my mom's directive.

Inside the front window, stood our traditional Christmas tree filled to the brim with ornaments — many handmade, sharing space with the store-bought variety. And, of course, there were loads of wrapped gifts under the tree.

Here Mom was pulling small gifts from her stocking — obviously, Dad was observing closely since he was the Santa who filled it.

Now here is a real cutie — Lauren, just a little over a year old. She was so overwhelmed by everything she was seeing — last Christmas she was too young to enjoy it.

By the way, she is all grown up (although not in this photo) and has three children of her own, all older now than she was when I took these photos. She and her family all still live in South Florida.

Here is Lauren and her mom (Janie, my middle sister). It looks like Lauren was playing with an ornament and probably passing it back and forth with her mom.

Ah, when one is so little and the world is so big — so much to explore. And Christmas brings so much more to investigate.

Now in her PJs, Lauren continued exploring — now checking out those little toys hanging on the branches of the tree. Kids are so accepting — I doubt that she was wondering why the tree was inside the house — just accepting and enjoying this new experience.

Next up was a new toy of some sort — it looks like it talked — with multiple pages to entertain her young mind.

Here we see Lauren practicing her horse-riding skills. It looks like such fun — just for a few minutes, wouldn't it be wonderful to be that age again and return to those simpler, enjoyable times.

Even during the winter, the weather in South Florida invites us outside. So many other new things to explore at Grandma's house.

Last for today is Lauren standing on her daddy's lap. Danny is one proud papa — and now back to 2021, one proud grandpa.

To be continued...

Life is good.

B. David

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