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1976 O‘ahu, Hawai‘i

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It's funny how a small box of slides can contain delights much greater than the label that we put on the exterior of the box. I found this box (now digitized) and realized that it was from my business trip to O‘ahu when I was still working for Control Data. Of course, these shots were taken during my free time when I could play tourist.

One of the days when I was returning from working in the data center, the crew from "Hawaii 5-0" (original version) was putting their gear away after filming a scene or two behind the Ilikai Hotel. I had become a fan of the show after my first Hawai‘i trip and recognized many location spots in the finished versions that were broadcast to viewers like me. This location was an elevated patio where the "action" took place — and the scenery made it obvious why they chose this oceanfront Waikiki location. Cool!

During some additional free time, I took a spin around the island of O‘ahu. This is along the coast to the east of Waikiki past Diamond Head. I love the churning ocean pounding the built-up layers of lava — so picturesque! BTW, you often see people, both tourists and locals, dangerously standing on lava shelves — making me wonder why more people are not swept out to sea.

Note that you might even be able to make out a fisherman on the more distant rock outcropping in the top right quadrant of the photo. (Look carefully, because he's tiny — easier for me since I could examine the full-size original — his white shirt gives him away.)

I had read about my next stop — Haunama Bay — the crater which remains from an ancient volcanic eruption. Over the years, wave action knocked down part of the crater wall — opening up the crater to the Pacific Ocean. Seawater came in together with aquatic plants and animals resulting today in a spectacular snorkeling destination. I did not have gear on this trip but have snorkeled here many times on subsequent visits to O‘ahu. Today was just for viewing and photographing the beautiful bay from the parking lot above.

Next was just a random stop at a pretty beach where I found three youngsters mastering their snorkeling skills. It was fun to watch them and I was able to capture a nice record shot.

Nearby was a young fisherman. He reminds me of Michael Jackson. Must be the white socks and the slightly too-short pant legs.

It was only when I was processing this photo for LAHP that I recognized that it is the classic beach shot used for so many forms of advertising of tropical stuff — islands, hotels, boat cruises, sunscreen, Momma's Fish House, and so on. Not bad if I do say so myself.

Here we see a nice little cove enjoyable by bathers, sun worshipers, and yachting enthusiasts. I have been here multiple times and love the views so why can't I remember the name of the spot? Getting old, I guess. I'm sure someone will remind me.

This spot a bit further down the road looks like a favorite location for the local kids to test their bravery by jumping off the large lava rock into the ocean. At the moment I snapped the shutter, the ocean was relatively calm. If the usual larger waves had been coming in, I suspect the kids would have to learn to time the intervals between the waves ever so precisely before jumping.

Driving all the way to the North Shore, we see a historic scene that you can not find today. Sugar cane! As you may recall, it is no longer grown commercially on any of the Hawaiian Islands. Additionally, if you look closely, you might see a tall chimney in the middle of the photo, just left of center. I'll wonder if that was the sugar processing plant at that time.

This is a nature park on the North Shore. I had forgotten its name but Google suggested Waimea Valley Adventure Park. Works for me. It was a very pleasant location for a walk through 36 botanical gardens featuring native Hawaiian plants as well as rare collections from around the world (so says their website).

I am sure that parrots are not native to Hawai‘i but they do seem to enjoy the natural park environment nonetheless.

Such pretty locations both for viewing the flora and for relaxing — before going back to work.

Life is good.

B. David

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