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1974 Winter in Minnesota, Part 1

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Just as autumn with cooler temperatures and colorful leaves followed summer, so did winter follow autumn bringing bitter cold, frost, and snow. If you dressed appropriately, you could step outside and enjoy the sight of frost on the grass and the leaves.

The frost was everywhere, looking like a light covering of snow — and it went away oh so reluctantly.

A few days later, the frost was replaced with our first thin blanket of snow, looking so very picturesque. As a homeowner, I saw it as work — gotta shovel the snow off the porch, off the pathway, off the back deck, etc.

I always passed on shoveling the driveway — if you wanted to visit my house on the hill, you had to have snow tires.

Before the bitter cold settled in to stay, Minnesota temperatures rose and fell — melting some of the snow then refreezing it again, forming such lovely icicles.

As winter progressed, it snowed for a while, became bitter cold then repeated and again and again. 'Tis pretty though.

When it happened to be snowing, it made you think you are wearing glasses that blurred your vision. If you went outside, you could hear a whisper — the sound of snowflakes hitting the top of a snowbank. Each impact sound was tiny but with millions falling within earshot, it would tickle your eardrums.

Because of the large lots in North Oaks, the community was spread out — making it look like the open countryside. The split rail fence sections added to that impression — as did all the trees. Only the utility wires spoiled the effect.

I can honestly envision this scene as the basis for a future Christmas card. All it would take is the removal of the utility lines. And I assure you that is an easy task for Photoshop.

Here is another view that looks like the countryside. I love the snow adhering to the branches of the trees. Note the small evergreen tree in the lower right of this picture — it was just off to one side of my front porch.

This view was from my backyard looking to the east — at that time there was not much there but Mother Nature. Beautiful.

This is one of my favorite photos that I have ever taken during the Minnesota winter. Yes, I saved the best for last. Again, this is a North Oaks location with a bridge crossing a small frozen stream that feeds into another lake.

To be continued...

Life is good.

B. David

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