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Memories As We Begin 2021

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Every year about this time, we tend to reminisce about what transpired during the previous year. Unfortunately, this year it is likely that we will get stuck on memories of the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic — how it changed what we could do and how we could do it. Some of you may have experienced the disease personally or indirectly via friends or family.

For me, as many of you know, each new year brings memories of the tragedy of ovarian cancer that struck my wife Kona. Yes, she was the love of my life — I miss her dearly. She was such a ball of energy and happiness as evidenced by this photo taken in the Magic Kingdom at Disney World in Florida. We were in one of the souvenir shops and she put a Minnie Mouse hat on her head — too cute for words thus a picture was mandatory. I'm so glad I took it — it still brings a smile to my face.

We established our own traditions for the holidays since we had no family here in Phoenix. We always started the day with a round of golf. On holidays such Thanksgiving and Christmas, very few golfers are on the links — family obligations, I guess. It was easy for us to get a tee time on just about any golf course — so we had our pick.

After golf, we would return home, shower, and get dressed up for our special dinner. One of our favorite dining places was the Top of the Rock at the Buttes (which I believe is where this photo was taken) — excellent food and a great vantage point for beautiful views of Phoenix to the north.

I love this shot — have you ever seen two people any more in love than is clearly visible in this photo?

This time of year is also one when I pause to remember my parents who too were such a big part of my life. This photo is at the airport on Maui. Mom and Dad had come for our wedding — you can tell Dad looks pretty tired — it's a long flight from the east coast to Maui. Kona was not in this picture because she was operating the camera. It was so good to have our loved ones there to share the joy of our love for each other.

I hope your memories can bring a smile to your face the way these memories do for me.

Life is good although painful at times. This is a reminder to cherish your every moment with loved ones — you never know how many you will have.

B. David

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