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Indian Market 2019, Part 5

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The Tony Duncan family is still center stage, with his wife introducing their oldest daughter with an explanation of her outfit. I especially like the tiny cones (that look like bells) on her dress which sound like a thousand bells when she dances.

I can still hear the bells in my mind as I recall her dance. She is already a very good dancer — of course, she has excellent instructors in her mom and dad.

Next, we see the Duncan middle daughter also with the golden cones doing her dance. She seems a bit shy but really gets into the feeling of the dance once the music starts.

The next performer was a singer who sang a song that she had composer herself. Beautiful!

Soon, Tony took the stage again for another song on a different flute. I love his haunting melodies.

You can see the concentration on his face — he is deep into his music — and we, the audience, feel the connection.

Then Tony began to perform some additional loop dances for us.

We were lucky to be able to watch his incredible performances.

I assume the dance moves have names — I am guessing this to be a turkey or some similar bird.

The climax comes with four intertwined hoops forming a globe — perhaps representing the sun — or is it the unity of all mankind? Either would be appropriate.

To be continued...

Life is good.

B. David

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