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Indian Market 2019, Part 3

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Here are more photos from the 2019 Indian Market. First, a very skillful potter, making vases with traditional symbols plus a miniature ladder as would have been common in days long ago, particularly in the cliffside and multi-story dwellings.

Next up is an exceptional weaver of blankets in traditional Native American style. I thought these were incredible designs but I'll bet they are also quite practical in the winter.

This gentleman is obviously, a gifted jewelry maker. He is holding his favorite piece (as I asked all of the subjects to hold), an engraved silver belt. His other pieces were not shabby either.

I was quite impressed with this painting of a traditional multi-family house, reminding me of Casa Grande Ruins National Monument in Coolidge, Arizona (just northeast of Casa Grande, AZ) which I have shared photographically some years ago. This artist is an exceptionally talented painter.

Here we see another truly gifted jeweler, holding his favorite piece, a silver necklace with polished turquoise stones embedded in silver arrowheads.

This artist is an expert in making shell necklaces. I love his rich imaginative design.

Here we see a multi-talented couple. In addition to the many hand-crafted pieces of jewelry, the gentleman was most proud of the painted blocks he is holding — the subject matter is both traditional and historic. Nice work!

The artists assembled at the 2019 Indian Market absolutely amaze me. This gentleman has crafted creatures in fired clay complete with traditional patterns painted on the sides. This one would appear to be a deer, complete with antlers. Very nice indeed.

I recognize this guy — he exhibited at the 2018 Indian Market — perhaps I remember his art (clothing design) even better than I remember him. Last year, his exhibit included a sign noting that his clothing collection was being exhibited at Disney World in Florida. I was most impressed with both his clothing design and the honor of it being displayed at Disney World.

BTW, here is a perfect example of how photographs can deceive. When I was working on the photo, I noticed that the model in the poster looked like she was being held captive — her right hand on the captor's left elbow, her left hand on a post as she looks at him with a gaze that could signal hatred or fear. Curious.

Wow! This brilliant jewelry maker has crafted a fantastic belt of leather and silver. The individual silver pieces each display a turtle with a polished stone embedded in its shell. Note that the turtle is a sacred figure in Native American symbolism as it represents Mother Earth. The meaning of the Turtle symbol signifies good health and long life based on the fact that the turtle has great longevity living up to 150 years. Fabulous design and execution.

I have to plead ignorance of these objects. They look like can coolers done with an Indian motif. I am sure someone will correct me since I am probably wrong in my guess. Very nice though.

Today's last artist is a potter and a very accomplished one at that. The pot she is holding is beautifully decorated with Native American symbols. My favorite is Kokopelli, the flute player. He is a symbol of fertility, joy, feast, and long life, and is also a minstrel, a spirit of music, a storyteller, a rainmaker, a healer, a teacher, a joker-magician, a seducer. Kokopelli possesses the wisdom of age.

To be continued...

Life is good.

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