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Indian Market 2019, Part 2

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Continuing my tour of the 2019 Indian Market, I encountered this artist who paints traditional Native American symbols on sandstone. Very, very nice work.

And this jewelry maker is no slouch either. His eagle (or is it a Thunderbird) pendant or necklace is extraordinary.

Here I encountered a very talented glass artist showing her vase with traditional Indian petroglyphs around the top. You could even put a candle in the middle and get the candlelight dancing through the colored glass walls. I'll bet that would be beautiful.

This lady appears to be a multi-media artist. Her favorite piece (I asked) is the spider necklace and matching earrings just in front of her. Spiders play important roles in the mythology of many Native American tribes. In Southwestern tribes, spiders are associated with the culturally important art of weaving, and wise spider goddesses give their assistance to the people as culture heroes.

Two blue ribbons mark the talent of this multi-media artist. Her prize-winning piece reminds me of the many images we see in our science fiction films and in our minds when reading books in the same genre. Those blue ribbons are well deserved.

Next is an artist who had many fine models of Native American dwellings complete with people walking about. But the piece he chose to share with me was this fine necklace made of identical shells — remarkable.

I think these folks might be a mother and daughter team, designing and making fine earrings, necklaces, and bracelets from traditional Native materials. Their work is exquisite.

Here we see a magnificent bolo tie with a huge clasp (or slide) finely crafted from silver and polished stones. This guy is very talented.

Next up is an artist who makes beautiful clothing — the dress next to her is stunning both in design and execution.

This couple is working as a team to create various types of fine jewelry. When I asked if I could take their picture holding one of there favorite pieces, it took the gentleman a while to decide on his favorite. It was worth the wait — that bolo tie is very fine, indeed.

Here we see another couple who design and make beautiful silver bracelets with polished stones of various colors and sizes. More beautiful work from very talented people.

Last for today is a wonderful abstract "painting" from a young but obviously very talented artist who used both acrylic paint and size 11 glass seed beads hand-stitched directly through the canvas. I would love to see more of her work — she can go far in the art world.

To be continued...

Life is good.

B. David

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