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Fan Fusion 2019, Part 2

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Turning the corner at Fan Fusion, AKA Comicon, we hear that ominous music so skillfully scored by John Williams, telling us that Darth Vader is here. Although we know it is a costume, this Darth Vader is tall and muscular — and really feels threatening. Just kidding about the music but not about the disturbance in the Force that he brings.

Next, we see characters from a lighter film (although it also has a dark side to it), Dorothy, the Cowardly Lion, the Tin Man, and the Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz.

And this cute young lady looks to me like a hobbit from Tolkein's The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings novels and movies. Check the ears.

I don't know for sure but this elegantly dressed woman made me think of Marie Antoinette, wife of Louis XVI, and the last queen of France before the French Revolution.

I have no clue what characters these folks were portraying but they have great costumes. If you know, please let me know and I'll update the online version of this blog.

My guess is that here is The Flash — an American superhero crime-fighter with the power to move at superhuman speeds.

This costume has me baffled — my only guess (probably wrong) is an anime (hand-drawn and computer animation originating in Japan) character. Somehow, a dual set of horns, long multi-colored hair, and a dragon tale is outside my normal experience but somehow this person pulls it off very well.

Another guess on my part — perhaps another character from The Hobbit and/or Lord of the Rings.

Here we obviously have tiny Spiderman — or is it Spiderboy. I believe the gentleman in purple is one of the artists or performers at the show. He jumped up to help improve the young Spiderman's experience.

This is not a performer or a costume but a marvelous skeleton riding a skeleton horse with vines growing over both. Well done!

This performer may be the star of the show as far as I am concerned — a female Darth Maul complete with the double lightsaber. I put her into a dark vignette setting to give her the credit for such a great costume.

I'll go out on a limb for this one — could it be a costume from Game of Thrones? I have only seen clips of the show but the costume seems to fit that vibe.

I give up on this costume. All I know is that the person inside was having some difficulty just standing up. And he/she seemed to be wanting a place to sit down — an action that the costume made physically impossible.

This is the last of the photos from Fan Fusion. Next week begins a new topic.

Life is good.

B. David

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