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Fan Fusion 2019, Part 1

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Surprise, surprise! The last photo from last week was a DeLorean which was auctioned off at Barrett-Jackson. This week's first photo is also a DeLorean but one which was customized as the automotive star in the movie "Back to the Future". It was here at the Phoenix Convention Center for the Fan Fusion 2019 Convention — formerly the Comicon Convention. This was the second year my little buddy, Johnny, and I attended.

As you'll recall, in the movie, Doc Brown converted the DeLorean into a time machine so that Marty McFly can go back in time to make sure his parents fall in love, otherwise Marty would cease to exist. I loved the film and recently saw an analysis of it by a cinematographer showing how well the movie was constructed — loved it even more.

Here we see the vehicle from "Ghostbusters" — another film that I really enjoyed. The Ectomobile, or Ecto-1 is a 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor Futura Duplex limo-style endloader combination car (ambulance conversion) used in the 1984 film. I am sure that Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Harold Ramis had as much fun acting in the movie as I did watching it.

Next up is a park ranger's vehicle from Jurassic Park. Whenever you mention that film I think back to when I read Michael Crichton's novel upon which the movie was based. When the news came out that a movie was to be made based on the book, I said there was no way a realistic film could be created. This was before computer animation had matured. The special effects of moving dinosaurs would have to be done using claymation (where each animated piece, either character or background, is "deformable" and changed for each frame which; when played back, provides a crude version of motion). Then when it was announced that Steven Spielberg was hired to direct the film, I said to myself — "if anyone can do it, Spielberg can". And he did — another of my favorite movies.

Here we see one of the tour vehicles that took park visitors along roadways to see the dinosaurs. In my mind, I can still see the kids trapped in one of these vehicles, in the dark, rain coming down, with a T. Rex staring inside, looking for a snack (the kids), and roaring his intent.

Inside, the whole convention center was taken over by thousands of fans of fantasy movies, books, comics, etc. Many of them dress up as their favorite fantasy character --- many of the costumes are exquisitely executed. Since I only know a small subset of these, I do not know who the characters are who most of these folks who have dressed up as. If you know who the characters are, please let me know and I'll update by online text with your brilliance.

Another wonderful costume but again I do not know what character he is playing. I must admit that we saw a lot more costumes last year than this. It may be due to an unfortunate incident in 2018, where someone had smuggled real weapons into the convention center. This year, authorities were very strict about weapons — real weapons, no way — pretend weapons maybe, as long as it was obvious they could do no harm.

This young lady was dressed as a fairy. I don't know if it was a specific fairy or a generic one. Quite cute, none-the-less.

This appears to be some kind of sexy, blue kitten. Maybe they should give out cards indicating the part they are playing.

This pair looked like they wanted to take my head off. All in good fun? Maybe, as long as you don't really lose your head.

Ah, this one I know — Captain America from the Marvel universe of films and comic books.

This costume looked like one I might be able to find online but alas, no such luck. Do let me know if she looks familiar.

I love the costume and was happy he was willing to pose. Sure wish I knew the backstory.

To be continued...

Life is good.

B. David

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