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Pueblo Grande Indian Market Coming Next Weekend

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On Saturday, December 14 and Sunday, December 15, the Pueblo Grande Museum Auxiliary is proud to host a celebration of Native American Arts with our traditional Indian Market. As always, hand-made jewelry, pottery, crafts, painting, etc. will be on display and for sale. Live performances of Native American dance and music will be celebrated throughout the day. And, of course, treats such as fry bread, Navajo tacos, chili, and burgers will be available from booths and food trucks. This is a family-friendly event that offers fun and Native American history in one convenient location just northeast of the Phoenix Airport.

The one big difference this year is that admission is free. Complimentary nearby parking is available plus easy access from downtown Phoenix with the Valley Metro Rail stop nearby.

So sit back and enjoy some of the photos from last year's event as a preview of what you might see this year. This photo shows some of the elected representatives of area Native Tribes — like the royalty of nearby Indigenous Nations.

Most of the artists work in crafts or media that Native Americans have engaged in for many years such as crafting fine jewelry in silver and area minerals.

Some artists have adapted western art media plus natural objects to craft a uniquely Native American view of the world and the heavens.

Pottery with beautiful intricate designs is a favorite for many collectors and just plain folk.

Here is another artist with an incredible example of Native American jewelry — beautiful and much sought-after by people all over the West.

Here is one of my favorites, Indian Fry Bread. A small piece of dough is flattened then placed in hot oil in a cast-iron skillet. You can watch the entire process since cooking only takes a couple of minutes and cooling takes another. Put a drizzle of honey or a dusting of powdered sugar and you have a treat that cannot be beaten.

Back to the fine artists, this gentleman has an incredible talent for rendering the Native experience and lifestyle using oil paints. Absolutely lovely.

This talented artist creates traditional images similar to sand paintings. Love it.

I have met this gentleman each year that I have attended the Indian Market. He crafts bows and arrows using traditional techniques then invites the kids to try their hand and shooting an arrow at a nearby target. I really enjoy conversing with him — those eyes have seen a lot. His name is Amil Pedro. Amil is one of Arizona's American Indian Living Treasures. Unfortunately, he has retired from the Indian Market this year. Royce Manuel, another "Living Treasure" will be demonstrating bows and arrows and arrowhead knapping.

Tony Duncan is one of those multi-talented stars who engage in multiple arts and does them all incredibly well. He is a five-time World Champion Hoop Dancer. He is a true virtuoso on the Indian flute which he often plays at the Desert Botanical Gardens' annual Noches de las Luminarias. I have such fond memories of the haunting melodies he produces floating over the nighttime desert landscaping there. Additionally, he is a gifted dancer and is raising the next generation of dancers in his own family. His son has already won several Hoop Dancing competitions.

And here is the youngest of Tony Duncan's children — she is already performing for us. Wonderfully cute and talented — what a combination!

The youngsters are not the only dancers who perform the traditional dances. This elder floored me with her dance skills. Come and see how the traditions are carried down from generation to generation.

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