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Santa Cruz, Part 2

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Continuing our walk along West Cliff Drive, we keep hitting scenic spot after scenic spot. Maybe now you understand why I tried (successfully) to find a place to stay where I could walk along the cliffs each morning. Scenery just doesn't get much better than this (except maybe my favorite walking path at Kapalua, Maui).

Here we see another fine residence. This one looks to be in the style of years past — could be a new build or just a remodel using modern materials — still quite nice.

I really like this residence with the curving wall facing the ocean — a fantastic view out of each of the large windows. Also, note the exterior spiral staircase leading to a deck on the upper level. It looks like a lovely place to sit and enjoy your favorite beverage while you take in the views from this scenic vantage point.

There is something unique about this residence — it is the only home on the ocean side of West Cliff Drive. You might notice the For Sale sign — and my curiosity got the better of me so I accessed Zillow.com to discover that the house sold on July 5 (after I returned home) for $5,495,000. As they say in the real estate business, "location, location, location".

Further east, we find another beach — this one a bit larger than previous ones that I've shared. I did note the kelp that has washed up onshore. The dogs seem to be having fun running around in it. I seem to have always encountered tons of flies where the kelp washed up — not my favorite beach environment.

Finally, I have reached the Santa Cruz Lighthouse. It is still on the job although it has been fully automated with modern lights and controls. Thus the interior has now been repurposed as a Surfing Museum. I always arrived too early on my morning walks so I still have not explored the exhibits.

However, across the street is additional parking plus a park building with restrooms and a small snack bar. They offer wonderful hot drinks and excellent pastries as well as sandwiches, etc. Several mornings, I enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate and a coconut donut to accompany the excellent views before retracing my steps back to my Airbnb residence.

Just offshore from the lighthouse is a rock which is home to sea lions and cormorants. It amazes me how the sound of their barks carry over the waves and are loud some 50 yards away from their rocky home.

Just below the rocky outcropping that houses the lighthouse, is a favorite surfing spot. It does look dangerous to me because of the waves are breaking onto the rocks.

And every once in a while a surfer will wipeout. Fortunately, she was not too close to any rocks either at ocean's edge or below the surface. She came up in fine shape.

From the small peninsula housing the lighthouse you can see the danger facing the surfers along the cliffs...

...and the beach at Santa Cruz together with the Boardwalk (including its rides) and the Wharf.

To be continued...

Life is good.

B. David

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