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Maui on my Mind, Part 32

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Such a beautiful morning — perfect for an early morning sailboat ride, this one provided by the Pacific Whale Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the ocean ecosystem. Looks like fun to me.

I may be stuck on land but at least I am enjoying the boardwalk constructed to protect the shoreline vegetation. The houses straight ahead are the Ironwoods community, home of the rich and famous. I recall that Tiger Woods stayed here a few years ago and they promoted that unit based on his short-term residence. I wonder if staying there would improve your golf game. Probably not.

On both sides of the boardwalk are beautiful flowers. I don't know the name of this one and a brief Google search didn't help. We'll just have to enjoy the photo as is.

I may be on vacation but someone is busy as a bee collecting pollen. BTW, I have discovered creamed Hawaiian honey at several websites (such as https://bigislandbees.com/products/ohia-lehua-honey) which is wonderful. You might want to give it a try too.

More lovely flowers adding color to the beach area.

At the end of the boardwalk, you have to make a choice, up the stairs to the road or down to the beach. Guess which one I took. Ironwoods beach, AKA Oneloa, is long, sandy and uncrowded. Not many people know this beach and there is limited parking but it is a gem.

Surfers know it and on days when the waves are up, there will be a crowd fighting for wave space. Today was not too busy surfing-wise, just this one surfer girl. Oh, there's the boat again.

Here's a really young surfer, without board. It looks like he's having a real blast. This reminds me so much of Johnny when he was that age.

What is it that makes the youngest kids want to jump over the incoming waves? Whatever it is, they are quite cute.

I met this local guy coming out of the surf where he had been spearfishing. He was very friendly and we chatted for a while about his catch and the surf conditions. Most locals are very friendly and I love to talk to them.

This is a very common scene on many of the beaches on Maui. I recall one evening when I counted five sunset weddings at Kapalua Beach. It is much more fun than a stuffy old church.

I have such fond memories of our family members joining us in 1996, on the ocean's edge at Napili Shores, as Kona and I exchanged our vows promising to love each other until death did we part — a time that came much sooner than any of us expected 😢 but promises kept.

Life is good.

B. David

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