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Maui on my Mind, Part 26

I was still walking around looking for photographic treasures and stopped at D. T. Fleming Beach just next to the Kapalua Ritz-Carlton luxury hotel. Before the hotel was built, this beach was more of a locals' spot since it was on the Lower Honoapi‘ilani Road with no resorts nearby. When the hotel was under construction, workers removed the road so that one now has to use the upper Honoapi‘ilani Road for access, watching carefully to spot the side street leading to the beach.

This "structure" of driftwood is new to me — probably won't be here on my next visit — but fun while it lasts.

The ocean at this spot is often angry with powerful waves and rip currents. Although this spot is very beautiful, take care with your shoreline recreation.

These kids are following my advice. Boogie Board surfing is probably less dangerous than body surfing — plus two of the three are wearing flotation vests in case they have trouble with the waves.

Most of the times that I have visited Fleming Beach, the red flags were posted. These warn of potentially dangerous surf conditions. Do take heed.

Oh what a cutie. She actually reminds me of my "baby sister" (who was born when I was 14). Some of her earliest memories are sitting on the beach in Fort Lauderdale where we lived during her growing-up years. The only thing to spoil my reminiscing is her hair — hers is brown while my sister's hair was blond.

Maui County has gotten a lot more serious about beach safety in recent years. Here is the new and improved lifeguard stand with trained personnel to watch over the bathers enjoying the surf.

Lifeguards used to rely on surfboards and their own swimming skills to rescue folks who got into trouble. Now they have this beautiful Yamaha jet ski to make it all faster and safer.

While I was standing there admiring the jet ski, I heard the lifeguard's radio alert them to a swimmer in distress in the next bay over. Instantly, these three guys ran down to the jet ski and pushed it across the beach and into the surf.

I thought they were going to lose it but the guy in the yellow tee shirt grabbed the controls and got the thing started on its way.

Off he went, jumping over the breaking waves until he was able to have a more stable ride out past the breakers. Although I did not hear the results, I hope the "swimmer in distress" was okay after the rescue.

Before leaving, I had one last moment to pause and enjoy the beauty of Fleming Beach, looking through the Ironwood trees. I hope you enjoy it too.

Life is good.

B. David

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