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Maui on my Mind, Part 19

On the other side of the War Memorial Gym was the Photography Competition. Note that again I am publishing the larger photos so you can appreciate the work of these younger and older photographers. Note the white rectangles in most of my photos are the supports that the volunteer staff used to mount the exhibition photographs so as to not damage the prints.

We start with an excellent photo of a very colorful gecko. I love it! The judges awarded an Honorable Mention ribbon.

Next up is a superb photo of a surfer at sunset. It too was awarded an Honorable Mention ribbon.

Another striking wildlife photo — this one is an ‘apapane. Wikipedia says, "The ʻapapane (Himatione sanguinea) is a species of Hawaiian honeycreeper that is endemic to Hawaii. The bright crimson feathers of the ʻapapane were once used to adorn the ʻahuʻula (capes), mahiole (helmets), and nā lei hulu (feather leis) of aliʻi (Hawaiian nobility)."

Another nature photograph, this one of a red pencil sea urchin. Nice!

This is a stunning photograph of fissure 8 at Kilauea on the Big Island during the 2018 eruption. Since it appears that the vantage point was too high for a drone, all I can say is that it must be nice to have access to a helicopter to get such a fantastic shot.

Next up is a very artistic composition — do you see the lighter second image superimposed on the primary shot? Honorable Mention.

I think this one is so precious. Entitled "Sparkle", it also merited an Honorable Mention ribbon which I consider well deserved.

Next is a very interesting artistic photo of a young man overlaid with various splashes of color, presumably added in the digital darkroom. It garnered a Third Place ribbon.

This is an artistic combination of two faces enhanced with flowers. I thought it was wonderful and stood for many minutes gazing at the artistry — along with a number of other fans of photography — all wondering why the photograph did not get an award. Seemed worthy to me and to several others standing with me.

Last for today is a wonderful black and white photo of a leaf of a succulent plant. It is interesting how one's first impression is of ocean waves (and it is entitled "Waves"). Unfortunately, the overhead lights in the gym were caught by the photo paper — your assignment is to mentally remove the flares and appreciate the original. It won a First Place ribbon in its category (Expert - Monochrome).

To be continued...

Life is good.

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