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Maui on my Mind, Part 18

Today's photos are of the artwork created by school kids for the Maui County Fair. After viewing these images, you will probably agree that there is remarkable talent on Maui in many facets of the arts. In order for you to better appreciate their talent, I have posted all the photos as 12" on the longer dimension instead of my usual practice of first and last at that size and perhaps one more as seems appropriate.

I love this painting of a Humuhumunukunukuapua'a, the reef triggerfish whose Hawaiian name is translated as "triggerfish with a snout like a pig". Note that the artist who created this painting is in the second grade. Incredible! To be honest, I was surprised that there was not a "Best of Show" ribbon on it — the art is that good IMHO.

Next up is this awesome seahorse painted by a third grader!!! It won a fourth-place ribbon in its age division but I think it is spectacular no matter what division it is judged in.

Jumping all the way up to sixth graders, here is one kid's take on the pineapple, once a huge crop in Hawai‘i, now mostly grown elsewhere because of the cost of production. Still a great piece of art.

By seventh grade, we are seeing huge talent producing a very interesting portrait of two friends. I really like the swirls of color in the background — very artistic.

What is it with seventh graders and swirls of color. Fantastic but for some reason neither seventh grader received a ribbon. In my opinion, these were both worthy.

An eighth grader won a first-place ribbon for a portrait of an older gentleman (grandpa, perhaps). The label does not tell the medium used but I'd guess it to be water color.

Here is a painting by a ninth grader with a wonderful eye for detail of the natural world. I think this artist has a future in art if he or she chooses to pursue it.

Next up is a semi-abstract portrait of a young woman which garnered a second-place ribbon. The artist is a tenth grader.

This effort by another tenth grader won the Best in Show ribbon. Interesting, very interesting.

Here is a piece by an eleventh grader picturing four friends sharing a canoe. And what is the object in the distance? A fish, perhaps, checking out what is going on at the surface. Nice touch to add an unknown element to make us think.

Wow! By the time Maui kids are in the twelvth grade, they are producing art like this! I love it. But it only got a fourth-place ribbon? Judges, please tell me why!

Our final piece of art is a more abstract offering which happened to win the first-place ribbon in division V (I assume high school years). Interesting but my taste in art may not coincide with that of the judges — but ain't that always the case in art (including photography). Great show kids!

To be continued...

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