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Maui on my Mind, Part 16

The Maui County Fair has competitions in more categories than just beautiful and exotic orchids — they, like most fairs, also offer competition in arts and crafts. Here is an entry of a flower head lei (a category you won't find at mainland county fairs). It won second prize. Imagine how nice the first prize winner must have been before its flowers began to wilt --- at which point, the second place finisher was actually prettier than the first.

Here is a sculpture entered by a 12th grader. There was no explanation but I interpreted it as depicting a young female member of Hawaiian royalty. Well done!

Another 12th grader submitted this painting on a slab of wood depicting a seascape, presumably of the Hawaiian islands.

At the time of the Fair, Halloween was only a few weeks away and this wire sculpture looks like a goblin ready to take you away.

Next up was a ceramic scene of two penguins by an igloo and a hole in the ice. This is an exceptional entry considering the artist was only in the 10th grade.

Another exceptionally talented 10th grader crafted this entry of a Hawaiian maiden sitting peacefully surrounded by beautiful Hawaiian flora.

This ceramic sculpture won "Best in Show" and was the entry by a 7th grader. This young student is very talented — congratulations Chloe.

Talented artists seem to be getting younger and younger — this ceramic seashell was submitted by a 6th grader!

The youth trend continues with this ceramic sculpture of Bomb, one of the Angry Birds, having been submitted by a 4th grader. Wow!

Last for today is this marvelous representation of the caldera of a Hawaiian volcano. I can even picture Madame Pele arising from the center. Wonderful. Sorry, I failed to capture the information about the artist.

To be continued...

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