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Beloved Memories

A couple of weeks ago, I shared photos of the Kapalua Plantation Golf Course on Maui. Today, I'd to share a photo of Kona and me at that very same golf course. So many wonderful memories of our time together — both on and off the golf course. She actually inspired me to start playing golf. Previously, when someone asked why I didn't play golf, I stole a quote from a friend saying, "I'll play golf when I'm too old to do anything else". Of course, once I started playing I discovered that I should have started earlier — you have to build that muscle memory early.

But once Kona and I found each other, I discovered that golf is a very good activity for couples. Unlike other sports that couples play such as tennis, there is no winner or loser — thus you root for each other. And with different tee boxes for different skill and strength levels, it always feels like a friendly competition. We played every week, in Arizona, on vacation in Hawai‘i and wherever I happened to be traveling on business. It was our practice to try and schedule my HP trips close to a weekend so we could fit in a round of golf. Additionally, we always found time to play when visiting friends and family or simply on vacation, just the two of us.

We had such good times off the golf course as well as on. One year, my parents came to visit and we took them on a grand tour of northern Arizona, Las Vegas and back by way of Lake Havasu (including the London Bridge). This cute photo of Kona is at the Petrified Forest National Park. The area is famous for the fossil tree stumps that are everywhere such as this one that Kona is sitting on.

The trip was in April and you can tell that it was quite cool — we even encountered a bit of snow falling in Flagstaff. We also visited the nearby Painted Desert, known for its brilliant and varied colors, that not only include the more common red rock, but even shades of lavender. We also toured the nearby Walnut Canyon National Monument which contains numerous cliff dwellings of the Sinagua Indians, built in alcoves in the sandstone walls of a deep, wooded canyon. And, of course, we had to take in the Grand Canyon.

In a few days, it will be 21 years since she passed away — and still I miss her dearly. I guess I will never get over it.

Here are photos of my parents in their late-teen, early adult years. They were depression babies but lived full, rich lives into their 80's and 90's. We had many good times together and I was so glad they were able to get to know Kona. Like everyone who met her, mom and dad fell in love with her too. I miss them all.

Be sure to treasure your every moment with loved ones — you never know how long that precious time will last.

Life can be cruel sometimes.

B. David

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