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Maui on my Mind, Part 6

Look at that pretty face. I think I have found a new friend. Let's go for a ride.

Another horse seems to be relaxing and enjoying his day off work.

And this horse seemed to be contemplating the meaning of life. Or maybe he's just bored.

Ah, here's the hen that goes with that rooster whose photo I shared last week. Also quite fancy.

How does one turn his head like that? Must be morning yoga exercises.

Right next to the stables, there is a shed which contains the saddles used on the trail rides.

I spotted a small family of guinea fowl running across the grass between the stables and a barn. This one stopped to pose. At first, I thought they were turkeys but Mr. Google set me straight.

Now, I had to check out the barn — which I discovered to contain a number of old buggies. Now that would be fun to ride the trails in one of these rigs.

As I wondered back toward where my rental car was parked, I noticed the back of the office and another outhouse — this one for "Cowgirls".

Now this might be my favorite spot to stop and relax after a couple hours on the trails. I could probably spend the entire day here.

To be continued...

Life is good.

B. David

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