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David & Gladys Wright House Plus Kaneko Sculptures, Part 2

Each time I visit, I notice something I did not notice previously. This appears to be a ceramic sculpture with a very interesting artistic glaze. It rests on a lighted ledge above the closet in one of the bedrooms. Frank Lloyd Wright's students were also expected to dabble in art and I would not be surprised to learn that this is one of the pieces that came from that directive.

These chairs exhibit the same design as the one I shared last week but in a grouping including a FLW-designed table, all of which are sitting on a FLW-designed rug. These pieces are in one of the bedrooms.

That same bedroom also includes this bed, nightstand, lamp and closets.

At the end of the hallway is the master bedroom. Curiously, this bedroom no longer contains a bed because it is used for meetings. However, the original built-in sofa and pillows remain...

... as does this model which was the focus of the meeting that was held here just a few days earlier.

Wandering back to the front of the house, we find the kitchen. I love the big round window with the smaller cutout to allow a breeze to enter. Notice on the shelf to the right of the window sits...

... an interesting salt and pepper shaker set. To me this does not look like a Frank Lloyd Wright design. My guess is that David or Gladys Wright purchased the set during their travels.

As I stopped in the foyer to remove my booties (to prevent outside dirt from being brought in on our shoes), I noticed this obvious FLW-designed lamp. Perfect place to illuminate a guestbook, if there were one on the table.

As I did on my previous trip to the David Wright House, I climbed the ramp to the sun deck. From this vantage point, one can get a wonderful view of the guest house with Camelback Mountain in the distance, the neighboring community in between.

Back at ground level, I really love the additional Kaneko ceramic artwork enhancing the David Wright house.

This spot caused me to pause — because it made me think of a rattlesnake wrapping its body around the house. Note the round window — yep, that is the kitchen window we saw from inside.

Time to say "goodbye" — or better "farewell until we meet again". Because they have suspended the tours, I don't know when my next opportunity will present itself for me to visit again. However, I plan to take advantage of each and every invitation to renew my acquaintance with this masterpiece in the desert. Maybe one of my future visits will come at sundown with opportunities for night photos once the sun sets. Keep your fingers crossed.

Life is good.

B. David

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