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Desert Botanical Garden, Part 3

The new butterfly house is along the Wildflower Trail. Near the entrance to the trail was this two-part huge sculpture by Jun Kaneko, a Japanese artist who has created these giant ceramic sculptures. As you may recall, I have shared a number of photos of artwork in the garden such as the glass sculpture of Dale Chihuly, paintings by Dyana Hesson, sculptures by Carolina Escobar, sculptures by Philip Haas, light sculptures by Bruce Monro and the giant insects. It provides another reason to visit again and again.

Although I have taken many photographs of the desert flora, it is always fun to capture it with a new eye.

Another of Kaneko's giant ceramic pieces. This one is located near the entrance to the gardens and seems to be dozing off. Nice warm day, why not?

A beautiful cluster of barrel cactus.

This is new — a desert rose in a large ceramic pot.

This Kaneko sculpture seems to be missing eyes, nose and mouth. That probably means something to the artist. I confess to being poor at artistic interpretation of other artists' work.

A nice stand of prickly pear cactus. In a couple months it will be blooming with its spectacular blossoms.

Another desert rose plant — this one with blossoms whose color is so intense it almost hurts your eyes.

Now this is quite intriguing — more of Kaneko's large ceramics, gathered in a circle facing out.

They are similar in shape but seem to be wearing different clothing and are of difference colors.


To be continued...

Life is good.

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