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One Score Years Ago

So hard to believe but it is just a few days away from being twenty years since Kona passed away. She was so young, so active, so friendly, so loving and I loved her dearly.

As you may recall from previous issues, she loved golf — and she loved Maui — so playing golf at Kapalua, Maui was the best of times. This day we were playing at Kapalua, overlooking the ocean with Moloka‘i in the background. That was one of her favorite spots and it still is one of mine.

So many thoughts of Kona, especially this time of year. Some heavenly, some very painful. Friends try to comfort me saying, "At least you had several years together". True — but I wanted more. That was not to be — but she lives on in my heart.

It was also twenty years ago when a joyous occasion occurred. During Kona's final month of life, her daughter, Jiyoung, and her fiancé, Brad, came to visit. While Jiyoung was making a quick trip to Safeway for a few groceries, Brad followed an old tradition where he asked Kona for her permission to marry Jiyoung. He showed us the ring — just like in the old movies. Of course, Kona gave her blessing.

Then there was the issue of where to pop the question. He wanted something memorable — so I suggested ZooLights. I have shared photos from the Phoenix Zoo where the entire zoo is draped in Christmas lights — a fantasy winter wonderland.

So when evening came, Jiyoung and Brad headed out to the zoo. After a few hours they returned and when Jiyoung jumped out of the car with a big smile on her face, she held out her left hand with THE RING. Then she peered at me and said to me in mock anger, "YOU KNEW!!!". We shared a big laugh then joined Kona in her sickbed so mother and daughter could share this momentous occasion.

This photo was taken at ZooLights just after the proposal and acceptance. Jiyoung and Brad were married later that year.

Also in my thoughts this time of year are my parents, both of whom passed away in the last few years. It is funny how little things trigger thoughts of them.

On Christmas eve, we traditionally had a dinner of steamed shrimp. Very casual — just put newspaper on the table, steam several pounds of shrimp, served with my Dad's famous cocktail sauce. Add some chips and macaroni salad and you have memorable meal.

I still do that — here's to you Mom and Dad. We miss you very much.

Life is good.

B. David

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