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Georgia On My Mind Again, Part 7

On the way home from Brasstown Bald, we stopped by Helton Creek, home of Helton Creek Falls. The trail from the roadway runs along the creek — openings in the trees and shrubs offered a pleasing view — and the sound of rushing water was with us every step of the way.

The old-growth forest was harvested many years ago but the re-growth has matured and is no longer logged. Here I spotted a tree with fungus and moss covering the bark. Interesting look.

Vegetation everywhere. These bright red berries caught my eye. Mr. Google suggested Partidge Berry — hopefully, someone will know its name.

Here, along the trail, a tree had been felled and fungus was growing on the trunk. Mother Nature can be so artistic when she wants.

Here we saw lots of moss and small plants were growing on the bank overlooking the creek.

More berries but these I recognize from my childhood. We called them inkberries and our parents told us not to eat them since they were poisonous. Google says the plant is called pokeweed and, yes, they are poisonous to humans (birds can eat them safely). Still a striking image.

Much of this area of northern Georgia is in the Chattahoochee National Forest. It is preserved in its natural state which means that when older trees die off, they remain standing where they grew until Mother Nature knocks them down. I spotted this one that is leaning — it will probably fall in the near future.

Wow, here is a stump that measured about four feet across. That's not big by Sequoia standards but pretty good size for this ecosystem. We could have eaten our lunch from this "table".

Well, now we were getting close — finding places where the stream ran downhill at a faster pace.

Mix in the flora together with the sounds of rushing water and you can't help but stare in order to take it all in.

We were almost there — preceded by this ramp of cascading water.

And finally the falls. Obviously, we were not the only folks here to enjoy Helton Creek Falls. The falls were beautiful and this spot is a perfect place to sit and commune with nature. We did.

To be continued...

Life is good.

B. David

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