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Georgia On My Mind Again, Part 4

On our morning walks, my sister and I tended to alternate between Fox Lake (click here to see last week) and Owen Glen. As I mentioned last week, the two communities started as one but are now separate. It makes no difference to us, both are good walking venues.

Again, all these photos were shot on my iPhone.

Owen Glen features this large tree at the entrance. My sister has dreamed of taking a photo of this tree from the exact same spot during each of the four seasons. I hope she does, that would be a nice collection.

Just beyond the tree is a gate and, if you are in a vehicle, you need a transmitter to open the gate. Curiously, the gate at the other end of the community is always open — because the golf course is open to the public.

If you are walking, as we were, you can simply walk around the gate and continue your walk. Very rarely does anyone seem to object to our presence.

The houses in Glen Owen are the equal of those at Fox Lake. A prestige community like this does not seem to allow "For Sale" signs but my sister thought this home was on the market — and the day I took the photo, they still had sales literature in a small box by the driveway.

Zillow seems to disagree — posting that it is off the market. Regardless of the status, Zillow estimates a price of $269,044. Nice house and cheaper than Phoenix homes — and we are known for relatively inexpensive housing.

We both like this home but I included its photo for another reason. Check the slope. Photoshop measured it at about seven degrees. Downhill in one direction but uphill on the return. It does not look like a challenging slope but I assure you — easy going down, hard work coming back up.

Eventually, we approached this strange creature — a concrete frog. It serves as some kind of marker on the golf course. Maybe the first purple frog that I have ever seen.

And here is one of the beautiful spots on the golf course. Several holes surrounding a lake.

And I was surprised that we rarely saw anyone playing. My recollection is that we may have seen a total of only two or three golfers during the entire two weeks of my visit — and we had great weather every single day.

The golf course features this wooden bridge over a stream for use by the golfers in their carts. Since there were no golfers, there were no carts so we felt perfectly safe (and not in the way) to cross this way.

And by crossing the bridge, we were rewarded with this wonderful view of the stream below.

There are still plenty of lots available here. Like those at Fox Lake, they seem to be listed in the $20K to $40K price range — although I did find one online price of over $100K. That must be some lot!!!

Owen Glen also offers residents a nice pair of tennis courts (also no one playing) and a community center (no one there either).

And here is the other entrance to the community with the permanently open gates. For people entering here, it marks the beginning of their trip into Owen Glen. For us, it marks the mid-point where we must turn around and retrace our steps. But it's a good workout with beautiful scenery to take the pain out of our exercise. Love it.

To be continued...

Life is good.

B. David

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