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Comicon, Part 3

Wow — she's blue, or perhaps turquoise. Maybe Star Wars or maybe Avatar. Or maybe something else. Still a great costume. Love the eyes.

Fans? I guess they go with the Japanese anime and manga. But a surprise to me. I wonder how many they sold.

The Force is with these two. Great costumes.

Incredible Alien sculptures! I have seen most of the movies but I still think the original Alien with Sigourney Weaver was the best — starting with investigation, then mystery then terror.

Note the price tag — $239!!! I guess you really have to be a big fan to part with that kind of loot.

Oh — a creepy clown mask. The other day I saw a preview of a new Stephen King movie entitled IT — which features a killer clown. I think I'll pass on both the mask and the movie.

Another great costume — Star Wars, perhaps. I notice Security took away her weapon after the first-day incident that I described earlier.

More banners. I guess if your kid is really into anime, this would be a requirement for his/her bedroom.

These two were really cute — but again, I have no idea what characters they are portraying. Help me out here.

Darth Vader!!! I can hear his menacing theme music booming in my ears as I type. He was the epitome of evil, having gone over to the dark side of the Force. This is just a mannequin so I think we're safe.

A close-up of Darth Vader's helmet. Just as intimidating, maybe more so. What a great imagination Ralph McQuarrie (who passed away in 2012) had — just working with George Lucas' script, he came up with so many of the most iconic and important elements in science-fiction movie history.

Here's a cute group with mixed themes — from left to right, Stitch (from Disney's Lilo & Stitch), a miniature wookie (Star Wars), a fairy (generic) and Lilo (also Lilo & Stitch). At least they all (with the possible exception of the young fairy) know shaka — the local greeting in Hawai‘i meaning "hang loose" or "howzit".

Last for today is another cutie with a great costume. But again, begging your pardon, I have no idea who she has dressed up as. Anime perhaps? Maybe one of you know.

To be continued...

Life is good.

B. David

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