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Maui, Kapalua Village Golf Course, Part 1

The Village Golf Course at Kapalua was closed in 2007. As I have shared before, it was a shock to me since it was my favorite golf course at Kapalua. In 2010, I revisited the closed course — the cart paths were intact and had become part of the trail system at Kapalua. I found the property beginning to return to its natural state with hundreds (probably thousands) of butterflies. This trip I decided to go hiking along the trails to see what state it is in after nine years of abandonment.

First of all, a surprise — as many times as I have played there (and one time hiking the property), I did not recall seeing this plague before. I knew that the late Arnold Palmer was part of the design team for the Bay Course (Francis Duane was his co-designer), I did not know that Palmer was also responsible for the Village Course.

The old clubhouse is still standing but used for storage.

Even though the clubhouse is not really used as much as when the course was open, they are still maintaining the landscaping nicely.

Here some nice ti plants — both red and green.

Oh, I remember the days when I used to step onto the white tee box to begin my round. It was a good hole to start — wide open and not too long.

Later, when the new clubhouse was built, this became hole number two. This hole is one of several maintained in its original condition for use by the Kapalua Golf Academy.

To look back down the hill from the first green is to revive fond memories of golfing at Kapalua when there were three courses — the rates reasonable and the views unsurpassed.

Oh well, the hiking is free (so far) and the views do not disappoint.

I have to confess I was shocked when I arrived at one of the first holes that has gone wild. You can barely see the cart path! And the grass and weeds have completely taken over what used to be fairway. In fact, I became completely disoriented trying to recall the old layout.

There are still a few spots where wildflowers have established themselves to give a bit of color and beauty juxtaposed against the now-wild grasses that have taken over.

Christmas Berry AKA Indian Pepper provides additional color.

Finally, something that would tell a future archaeologist that this was once a golf course. For those of you who do not play, this is a yardage market on the cart path telling the golfer that it is 100 yards from this point to center of the green. Quite useful to help the golfer decide which club to use.

To be continued...

Life is good.

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