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Las Vegas, Part 3

Continuing to explore New York, New York, I walked to the back of the complex to check out the pool. Immediately upon stepping outside, I looked up and it honestly felt like I was in the real New York City.

And here is the pool — a resort pool — a very nice pool with a fountain in the middle.

From another angle you can tell that the pool is pretty big — Johnny sure liked it when we came to swim later in the day.

All of a sudden, I heard "whoop, whoop, whoop" sounding overhead. The lettering on the side indicates that the helicopter is probably taking tourists from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon. Moments later, there was another, and another, and another. There must have been eight or ten of them, most with different paint jobs. Lucrative business, I guess.

It was later when I saw the photo on my computer that I realized that the shutter speed was so quick that, in this shot, the rotors appear stationary.

The Boat House Bar was not as tall as the first buildings but was a popular place — one where folks could enjoy an adult beverage or five as they relaxed poolside.

I was delighted with a number of sculptures of children at play.

Or perhaps a child at rest, reading a book.

I very much liked this sculpture because it requires that you imagine the rest of the swing rope.

On the side of the resort on Las Vegas Boulevard, we can see the exterior of Chocolate World. Beyond that, are the facades the have traditionally faced the strip.

Across the street are familiar stores including the M&M Store — one of Johnny's favorites — mine too.

From across the intersection, you can capture the skyline of New York, New York. Quite impressive.

And, of course, we cannot forget Lady Liberty. This one is smaller than the one in New York Harbor but impressive none the less.

To be continued...

Life is good.

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