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Grand Canyon, Part 2

Wow, no matter which direction you point your camera, you find interesting photographic possibilities.

And every once in a while, you can get the wildlife to join in. This is, I believe, a raven. I am not an expert to distinguish between ravens and crows but I'd bet on a raven. And I'm sure someone will let me know.

What an incredible landscape. For those who have never visited the Grand Canyon, I assure you that seeing it live is way better than just looking at photos. It is simply breathtaking.

I love to follow the canyons that have been carved by flowing water. And today those canyons are lit by the sunlight filtered by clouds offering changing vistas every minute.

Many visitors like to hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. We were not prepared to attempt that — plus, I understand, you have to request permits for such an excursion. Fun to think about though.

Again, Johnny and Mizuki posed like tourists. I guess it fits since we were tourists that day.

I found this to be an interesting formation. It almost looks like the wind has been blowing so hard that the rocks have leaned away from the wind. We see that with trees in Hawai‘i at certain places (like Mo‘omomi on Moloka‘i) where the strong and steady trade winds blow in the same direction almost every day.

Another magnificent view with some of those distant peaks resembling huge tents.

Even though I favor the sun-lit canyons, I have to admit that sometimes the clouds do cast interesting shadows over this landscape.

Another beautiful spot — what more is there to say?

Just for fun, I decided to use the oil painting filter in Photoshop on this scene. I am sure it has been painted for real and probably much better than my humble effort.

Last for today is a zoomed-in shot of the same location as the previous photo/oil painting. Even with the naked eye, if you are not looking closely, you may miss the fact that there are buildings among the trees lining this small creek. I don't know if they are cabins for the hikers or Park buildings or whatever — I guess we have to climb down to find out.

To be continued...

Life is good.

B. David

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