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Sedona, Part 4

It was sad that our Pink Jeep Tour was winding down but fortuitously, we had one more stop for another amazing view.

And one more struggling pine tree — this one still displaying a bit of greenery.

Then approaching the end of the trail, a tree that has been twisted like a corkscrew. Mother Nature keeps giving us one surprise after another.

Back at the stable for the Jeeps, we took a moment for a bathroom break before exploring the town. The photographer in me was intrigued by this set of peaks as seen through the foreground vegetation. It's called creative photography — either you like it or you don't.

And here is the main part of the town of Sedona. It is certainly not your bustling metropolis but mostly a set of shops appealing to us tourists.

But no matter where you point your camera, you tend to find red rock formations in the background.

Just outside an art gallery stands this majestic horse sculpture. Very realistic.

And on a turntable, stands this couple looking very much in love as they dance in circles.

Finally we encounter one of my major objectives, The Sedona Fudge Company. Backing up in time, one of my most recent trips to Sedona was about 1996 when my parents came to Arizona for a visit. My mom was a true chocoholic and one of her favorite forms of chocolate was fudge. So naturally, I had to visit the shop and purchase a slab of fudge in her memory.

The kitchen also features a window to the street and we can see two large slabs of fudge cooling on marble-top tables.

And here is that precious commodity complete with a plastic knife to allow easy sharing.

Everyone was rather worn out from the drive up from Phoenix then the bumpy jeep tour but one last item caught our attention as we returned to the car — musical chimes with mallets so we could actually make music. What a great day.

Life is good.

B. David

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