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Sedona, Part 3

After being shaken but not stirred, our Pink Jeep stopped at another overlook where we could see through the smaller canyon we were in to the huge canyon beyond. Awesome!

In the crevice just below, quite a few plants had established footholds in this dry environment, lacking sufficient topsoil — but somehow they survive.

Back on the trail, we are privileged to see even more peaks, each more dramatic than the previous.

Here I zoomed in on the peak in the prior photo — so many ways to enjoy the views.

Another stop with spectacular views.

One of the interesting features was the holes in the side of the rock. Our driver said they were formed naturally but they sure looked man-made due to the regular spacing and similar sizes.

Here's Johnny again, looking for Pokemon. I don't know if he found many but he is sure enjoying the search, especially being able to go places where the average Pokemon hunter will not visit.

Here we stopped at Chicken Rock — so called because they used to drive around the rock with shear drops on the far side — but only after they stopped to let people get out of the Jeep if they were "chicken". They don't drive around the rocks these days — probably the lawyers were "chicken".

More magnificent rock citadels nicely backed by blue sky with only a few clouds.

Here is a zoomed-in shot of the right end of the preceding set of towering citadels. Note the tree growing on the top and what looks like a rock pile, Hawaiian-style on the right edge.

Another scrub tree that is no longer with us but its remains standing out dramatically against the live flora and the red rocks.

Last for today is a shot of the Jeep behind us. We had just descended the same steep path and we had to hold on because it felt like the Jeep was going to tumble head over heels. Thankfully, it didn't but we were holding on so tightly that the only photo one could take was of the next Jeep in the same precarious position.

Life is good.

B. David

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