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Sedona, Part 2

As we continued our Pink Jeep Tour, our driver would stop for a few seconds and tell us the name or story of various rock formations. Unfortunately, I had no way to record what he said and the movement of the Jeep just shook them right out of my brain. Still fun to look at the photos.

This photo created a post-processing challenge. When I followed my usual work flow, it looked like a High Dynamic Range (HDR) photo that was over-processed. I'm sure you seen them but maybe did not know how they were produced. So I actually had to tone it down a bit to make it look natural.

Just amazing to look up at the towering rock formations just along the Jeep trail. I loved it.

This photo made me think of a science fiction theme. The clouds happened to line up over the vegetation from the base and up the side of the peak. The resulting darker area looked to me like some malevolent extra-terrestrial creature threatening the citadel.

This panoramic shot gives you a glimpse of the wonderful vistas to which we were treated.

I really liked this set of peaks at quite a distance from us, backed by canyon walls so far away that the haze gave them that bluish tint. Nice contrast.

I was going to discard this photo but it has an interesting bit of local detail. I took the photo because of the "pitcher's mound" but when I looked at it on my computer, it was not so interesting. Then I noticed the large number of homes that have been constructed in the valley. I guess this is where Sedona is growing — hope the homes have the views that we can see in the distance.

Much of the vegetation along the jeep trail is quite scruffy. However, it somehow fits nicely with the eroded red rocks beyond.

Recently I saw some photos of Tintagel Castle in England where King Arthur was born ... or not, lived there ... maybe, buried there ... perhaps. Those photos made me think of rock formations like this.

This formation had a name but I forget what it was. I'll call it the "Rhinoceros Snout".

This little crevice looks like steps were carved in the rock to help get over the peak. Of course it could just be natural.

We stopped and I stared. Did this little tree actually take root in the middle of the rock? Sure looks that way.

To be continued...

Life is good.

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