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Arcosanti, Part 6

Our guided tour complete, we embarked on a self-guided tour in the valley behind Arcosanti. Here is the view as we started — absolutely spectacular.

Across the valley is our destination — thankfully including a kite-like structure to give us a bit of shade when we get there. I think we'll need it.

Looking up, I capture a nice view of the main building from the trail head.

Partway down the trail, I look back to see some of the buildings we toured just a few minutes ago.

Along the trail we found a retaining wall with a couple fireplaces built in. Our guess was that these are used for evening gatherings of the residents for roasting hot dogs, drinking beer and singing.

At the bottom of the valley is a dry creek bed. Of course, this being Arizona, one can expect that the summer monsoon storms will generate flash floods at this very spot. Fortunately, this day there was not a cloud in the sky — we're safe.

Most curious to me was the lichen we found on the rocks along the trail. I tend to think of lichen as growing in cooler, wetter, shaded areas. There were enough lichen-covered rocks here to force me to reconsider that notion.

The prominent rock face from a closer perspective and different angle.

We encountered this little lizard on our way back to Arcosanti. He did not seem the least bit afraid of us.

One final look at the Arcosanti complex. It will be interesting to see how it survives and develops over time. I hope you enjoyed this tour — and perhaps might consider touring in person — it is always a different experience when seen through your own eyes.

Life is good.

B. David

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